A global provider of data centre solutions has praised UK based Durata for going “above and beyond” to help prevent a power loss and the critical load.
Middlesbrough-based Durata, which has recently opened an office in Frankfurt, Germany, was working closely with CBRE on a project in Scotland.
There were a couple of major issues with the switchgear components that came to light when Durata looked to transfer electricity on to generators and a temporary uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
The problems surfaced when installing a temporary UPS system ahead of the main UPS replacement works.
After trying to source replacement critical components, CBRE were told that there was a 2-4 week lead time on those.
In a bid to prevent a loss of critical power, leading to a potential loss of crucial information on a key site, the Durata team worked tirelessly during a 40-hour stint rotating the engineers to keep the project moving.

Paul Matthew, the Senior site manager at CBRE Data Centre Solutions, said: “Durata went above and beyond thinking way outside the box to come up with solutions to allow us to return the site to mains power.
“Some of the wider team on site led by Omar Yousef pulled out all the stops to come up with a temporary solution. After some very long and stressful shifts, we managed to transfer the site back onto mains power supporting the critical load.
“We highly recommend using Durata and we look forward to working with the team on the remaining phases of this project, and further projects later in the year.”
Durata’s project director Omar led a team including Mo Yousef, Neil Richardson and Dylan Lewis on the site and once completed it was hugely satisfying.
Omar said: “The lads had just done a 40-hour shift to get the system back online electrically when there were some mechanical and other electrical issues. We needed to get more people out there.
“We brought up Mo, a project manager, and we also brought generator specialists and a UPS specialist from other sites across the country. At 3am in the morning I got the call and I drove straight up to Scotland from Middlesbrough to get the job done.
“When we got to site we discovered the site change over panel was malfunctioning, so we got the parts to get that back up and running, enabling us to protect the site by our UPS.
“Over the course of the 40 hours the whole team came together to complete the task at hand. There aren’t many businesses out there where everyone would come together as a team like we did.”
Durata have been a preferred partner for facilities management company CBRE on numerous data centres around the world for the last six years.
John McGee, Durata’s managing director, said: “We faced challenges putting the site back on but we pulled resources from all over the country and worked around the clock to get things on track.
“That work ethic is exactly what we have instilled in the Durata team and that sort of drive to deliver is what we expect.  I expect us all to go above and beyond as a company, no matter how small or large the project is and no matter where the location is.”
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