Durata is Shaping Teesside

For Digital Age


DURATA has ambitious plans to make Teesside the ‘home of modular data centres’. And the specialists in data centre infrastructure want to repurpose the area’s talent and skillset into the digital age.

Lewis Cobb, appointed as head of modular data centre projects earlier this year, sees enormous potential in what can be designed and created from Durata’s Middlesbrough base.

Various multi-national vendors and hyper-scale data centre builders have already visited Teesside for an insight from Durata into how these modules can be constructed and transported by road, sea, air and rail across the world.

The team is developing a standardised range for fast, efficient delivery, with the focus on ensuring Durata can cater for any requirement.

Lewis said: “This division of Durata is about a new vision for Teesside that will effectively work closely with the area’s history.

“We envision Teesside steel as the robust shell to our Edge data centres which will house and protect innovative IT Infrastructure technologies that will drive the digital age. Our in-house Durata teams will then design and implement data centre infrastructure within the steel shells which will support those technologies in operation.

“To complete the offering, we will then collaborate with Teesside’s great logistics and Freeport to deliver anywhere in the world, making us a global player in the market. We will take clients and projects from concept to completion.”

Durata, an established name on Teesside and in the critical power infrastructure industry, wants to collaborate with other businesses in the area; from steel bending to fabrication to painting to M&E.

Lewis added: “We bring a skilled community together to support the ever-expanding digital age, and that will continue to take Teesside and Middlesbrough around the world.”

Edge computing has applications in many use cases such as smart grids, self-driving cars, AI, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, video conferencing, cloud gaming and others.

“Data is the new world currency.” said Lewis. “It has more future value than oil, it is going to change our lives considerably and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

“With more dependency on data for various applications and in order to make data exchanges quicker, more secure and more consistent, we need smaller intermediate points like Edge data centres in order to service those requirements.

“Here at Durata we will then step in with our solutions by providing modular data centres which are designed, constructed, tested and commissioned to be ready to leave our facilities and be deployed anywhere in the world in a ‘plug-and-play’ fashion.”

*For further information on Durata’s modular buildings check out www.duratauk.com/services/Modular-Buildings/