How will Durata help you innovate your processes?

Durata Modular Data Centre Solutions operates in a market where there is a growing demand for its services that will not be going away.

The modular data centre market is estimated to achieve a market size of USD 113.6bn by 2032, growing from an accounted USD 22.3bn last year.


Lewis Cobb, the head of Durata’s modular data centre solutions, has moved to explain how Durata can help businesses achieve their data goals. He answered these questions:

What is modular?

 “A modular solution is a pre-defined, prefabricated solution built offsite for rapid onsite deployment. Application can vary for requirements in compute or power, can include varying technologies and can cater for any client within the data centre sector.”

How can Durata help you innovate your construction process?

“The data centre industry needs modular solutions. By operators investing in modular

solutions for compute and power, they can build faster, deliver efficiently and deploy where required.

“The construction industry is adopting modular and prefabricated methods due to its flexibility with controlling capital expenditure and expansion to avoid monolithic issues.”

How do we do that?

“The concept to completion phrase we use at Durata is important because within that there are variables that make us a very attractive proposition.

“We cater for the data centre market as a collective, whether that is computing or power.

“Our in-house design and Computer Aided Design (CAD) team allow us to develop a solution, we purchase steel from source and construct our own modules using Teesside infrastructure, followed by fitout from our Durata trained engineers.

“This is all overseen by our Durata project managers. We own the complete process with full control to ensure our clientele receive engineering excellence and continuity for scalable projects.

“Here on Teesside, we pull together Durata’s expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering and combine it with the 170-year infrastructure in steelworks and fabrication to deliver our Modular Data Centre Solutions that will enhance data centre infrastructure for our clients.”

What opportunities are out there?

“Durata has live projects in Europe and the Middle East, and soon Africa. It is operating in critical power, providing services for low yield uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) through to MW power for the hyperscale market.

“And Durata is also servicing the compute sector of the industry too, whether that is edge computing through to high density AI requirements. There is also a conscious effort to adapt with the changing landscape of density requirements, including immersion technologies, within the portfolio of solutions.”

How do you get started with Durata?

“Get in touch. Durata will invite you to our headquarters and Innovation Centre on Teesside, where we will introduce you to our design team and work collaboratively on a solution that suits your business requirements. We will help you visualise through CAD before finalising the design for the manufacturing process with the rest of our team.”